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Hey, welcome to the first ever blog entry from TrustyLife!

Not long now, and our first app, TruJournal, will be launching in the iOS app store! This is exciting, a journey that started about 4 years ago, the dream and vision was to create an app, and other resources, that would bless Christians in their daily walk with Christ. Specifically, a journaling & prayer management app that would be simple and easy to use, yet be powerful in features. This was an app that I wanted for me; for my personal walk and journey with Christ…maybe you have been searching for the same thing too, sure there are plenty of note taking apps available, but I couldn’t find one that would give me space to journal & pray, that was designed & shaped around the journey we go on as believers, and the ups/downs, encouragements and heart aches that we experience.

It began as a simple conversation in a restaurant; a scribbled sketch on a napkin, and has slowly grown and developed as an idea, until one year ago I drew the first sketches of the app. These sketches laying out the design and ‘User Interface’ of the app are known as wire frames, you can see below an example of one of the original wire frames…


Since I created those first wire frames, the past year has been constant design, and re design, development and re development. Every detail of the app has been carefully studied and thought through; I wanted the final User Interface to be easy to use, appealing and warm/inviting. Every week designs were cut/introduced, icons added/removed…I had no idea how much time, thought and energy would be involved in bringing this vision through to completion, even with an awesome team of designers and developers helping to create it. :)

It has been a fun, fulfilling process, and now, one year later the app has gone through final beta testing and submission to the app store, and it is now LIVE in the iOS app store (iPhones, iPads, iPods…sorry Android users, TruJournal for Android will be coming asap!) You can see below a screenshot of how the app ended up looking like.

3- Journals List Screen

On the TrustyLife home page you can see some more screenshots and get an idea of what TruJournal is; an app that will give you space to record all that you are learning, discovering and experiencing of Christ and His word.

You have space for your daily studies (Daily Journal), those moments that happen along the way (that awesome worship song you heard), sermons you listen to, small groups you attend and mission trips you go on. The lay out of the writing space is designed to be simple, inviting and non distracting, so that you can study & concentrate with powerful features at your finger tips.

My prayer life is important to me, there are a lot of things I pray for, and in so many areas of my life…I tell many people I’m praying for them, and its true, I am, but I need a place to organize those prayers…to keep them arranged by category (my friends, family, work etc)…I really mean it when I tell a friend I’ll pray for that hospital appointment they have coming up, but I could do with a reminder popping up at the time of the appointment to help keep me on track.

The Prayer Center in TruJournal gives you this option, create as many categories as you need (friends, or make categories for specific friends who need some extra prayers :)), set reminders, notes, photos for prayers, highlight important prayers. However you like to organize your list of prayers, the Prayer Center should be able to help you do that.

So…there is the story of TruJournal and where it came from, it’s been an awesome and fun journey creating the app…I hope you will give it a try and see if it can transform your daily walk with Christ!

If you do try out TruJournal, let me know your thoughts as I want to keep perfecting the experience and add useful features :) You can get in touch via the Support section of the app or website, or email me at:

Either way, I pray you will be blessed and encouraged on your journey with Christ!

Dave Truss

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