Introducing TruJournal!

Welcome to the revolutionary app that will transform the way you journal, taking you deeper in your walk with Christ. Read on to see how TruJournal can be your daily companion.

5 Amazing Journals

TruJournal comes with 5 journals that cover all the major parts of your walk: Daily Journal, Moments, Sermons, Small Groups and Mission Trips.

Add photos and tags to any journal entry, and if you need a little inspiration, tap the Jump Start button to reveal 3 questions to help get you started.

App screen 2
App screen 2

Powerful Prayer Center

The Prayer Center is a powerful tool for managing your prayers!

Organise your prayers into as many categories as you like.

Set alerts so you remember to pray for people or events.

Highlight important prayers, and move them to your Thanks list when you’ve seen an answer to your prayer, for encouragement later on!

But that's not all!

TruJournal comes packed with awesome features to take your journaling to the next level! Setup separate user profiles with passwords for all the users of your devices, to keep your journals and prayers private. Backup to Dropbox to keep your data safe, and synchronised across all your iOS devices

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TruJournal – Revolutionizing your daily walk with Christ

About TrustyLife

TrustyLife was started by Dave Truss with the dream & vision of creating awesome apps and resources that will enable people to go deeper in their walk with Christ.

The goal is to build resources that are well designed, simple to use, yet powerful in features. TruJournal is the first step in that dream, we hope that through using TruJournal you will be empowered to discover more of God’s truth for your life. Through recording the moments, daily studies, sermons, prayers and all parts of your daily walk, we hope you can be rooted and grow in your relationship with Him.

We tried hard to create an user experience that would be modern and simple. We believe that well designed apps shouldn’t need a user manual to use them, and hope that you will find that TruJournal is easy to navigate and use. However if you get stuck or need help using your TruJournal, or you just want some tips on how to get the best out of it’s features, go to our Support page for tutorials, tips and tricks and support options.

Be blessed as you use TruJournal!

More Great TruJournal Features!

Say Cheese!

Take a photo of bible verses, church bulletins, moments, in fact anything you want, & it will be added to your journal or prayer entry!

Tag That Journal

You can add as many tags as you want to any journal entry so you can find them easily later. Tag entries with peoples names, churches, themes, etc. The limit is your imagination!

Get a Jump Start

If you need a little help to get you started with your journal entry, simply press the Jump Start button at the bottom of the screen, to reveal 3 simple questions to inspire you

Listen to Music

TruJournal comes equipped with a fully featured audio player, so you can play your songs, playlists, audiobooks and sermons while you journal (video coming soon

My Favorites

Sometimes there are moments and journal entries that are just special and you want to read them again & again. Add them to your favorites list so you can easily access them anytime

Prayer Categories

Organize your prayers into as many color coded categories as you want, and set your Favorite categories so you can have quick access to them.

Prayer Alerts

Worried you’ll forget to pray for your friends interview at 10am? Swipe on a prayer to set an alert & never forget a prayer again!

So Thankful

When you see a response to a prayer, swipe and tap the thumbs up icon, to move it to your Thanks list so you can see your answered prayers whenever you want.

Hide & Seek

We have tried to keep TruJournal simple to use. Find journal entries by date, favorites or tags, or use the quick search feature in the menu to find what you are looking for.

Auto Backup

Your journals auto backup to Dropbox, so you never have to worry about losing your entries. Setup of this feature is a breeze too, just go to settings and enter your details! This feature also allows syncing between your iOS devices

Multiple Profiles

Setup user profiles so the whole family (or shared users of your devices) can have their own TruJournal. Every profile can have a password too, so you can be assured that your private journals, remain, private

Share Moments

Your journals & prayers are your private space, but sometimes there is a moment that needs to be shared. TruJournal comes with the option to share to Facebook, or print/email your entries

Subscribe for Updates

Give us your email address and we will keep you up to date! Your data will never be sold or used for any other purposes than updating you on TruJournal and other TrustyLife apps.

Root. Hydrate. Grow

  • Discover the app that will transform the way you journal, with space for every part of your daily walk!

    Connect with God and go deeper in your relationship with Him, journaling every thought and moment, as you discover His promises for your life

  • We understand how important your prayers are, which is why TruJournal is not just a journal!

    Discover our powerful Prayer Center with amazing features, allowing you to organize your prayers in a simple, intuitive layout that belies it’s complexity of features

  • Our goal was to create a powerful app, with a modern design, while maintaining ease of use

    We believe a good app shouldn’t need a 200 page instruction manual to use, so very part of TruJournal was carefully designed, thought through, and fully featured/customizable.

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